The newest membership of district was 204, or 295 souls along with students

The newest membership of district was 204, or 295 souls along with students

The new Waiapu Region embraces you to definitely peninsular area of the Northern Isle of new Zealand, and this terminates within the Eastern Cape and you can extends to new Pakarae River with the the southern area of shore and you can Opotiki on north into the Bay out of So much coast. About three parents, just who make their headquarters near Uawa, or Tolaga Bay (thirty-five miles northeast off Gisborne), is the agencies regarding Zion currently on the Waiapu Region, having its five twigs, specifically, Uawa (often referred to as Mangaheia), Te Pekahua, Tokomoru, Taumata O Tapuhi, and Te Rahui.

The fresh new Uawa Branch constitutes the new New orleans saints staying in the town away from Uawa on the Tolaga Bay, at throat of your Uawa River, and in the new community out of Mangeheia, centered inland regarding four miles northwest from Uawa. There’s a tiny meetinghouse from the Mangaheia. So it branch is actually prepared December 30, 1884, by Elder John W. Ash and you will Ezra F. Richards.

We stored about three a good and you will fascinating meetings within Mangaheia

Te Pekahua Branch is a continuation of your own Mangatuna Department, which was planned December 9, 1884. It embraces the new New orleans saints residing in the latest villages out of Wharekaka, Kopua, Tarakihi, and you can Mangatuna. Wharekaka, where in actuality the conferences are usually kept, is positioned to your left, or north, financial of your own Uawa Lake, around three kilometers upwards from its mouth, or the city of Uawa.

New Tokomaru Department comprises the newest New orleans saints living towards Tokomaru Bay, to your eastern coast, regarding the thirty-five miles southern area-southwest from Te Rahui and you can thirty miles north-northeast away from Uawa, or Tolaga Bay. Brand new department was first prepared out from the northern element of this new Marahea part inside 1888. For the February twenty-five, 1893, a good reorganization is actually affected whether it engrossed the new remnants of your Marahea Branch, which had been originally structured of the Elders William T. Stewart and you will John W. Ash November 30, 1884, which have Henari Potae given that president.

Te Rahui Department comprises new Saints staying in about three indigenous villages named correspondingly, Te Rahui, Tauma, and you may Te Pakihi, of which the two basic are observed regarding Waiapu Area while the other to your coastline throughout the seven kilometers northeast off Te Rahui. Te Rahui is for the north front side, or left bank, of the Waiapu Lake near the throat. It’s 60-five miles northeast from Uawa on Tolaga Bay, and you may close Eastern Cape, as being the easternmost of all of the branches of Chapel inside New Zealand. The department was prepared by Elders John W. Ash and you can Ezra F. Richards January eleven, 1885, and consisted immediately after off nearly two hundred players. It’s still the biggest branch from the area. The overall conference of your Australasian Purpose was held in April 1892.

The brand new Taumata O Tapuhi Department try an enthusiastic outgrowth of Te Rahui Branch and try prepared April ten, 1887. They constitutes the brand new New orleans saints staying in the brand new villages out-of Taumata O Tapuhi and you may Tarapa, from which the original called is situated about five kilometers inland regarding the throat of your own Waiapu Lake, or even the village away from Te Rahui.

Monday, November nine. We invested your day perusing the newest section and you may department records to own historical purposes, and that ended up quite a role, as most of the newest entries regarding the department books have been made in the Maori language. Later in the day i held our basic appointment into the a minimal and you can alternatively dismal-lookin meetinghouse. Older Gardner and i had been this new audio system, Sis Jorgenson translating for me personally. Throughout the 60 individuals were expose-all locals but brand new elders. Comparable number attended the newest meetings with the overnight.

This is not surprising that so you can you, once we just weren’t enabled inside our government in her own account so you’re able to hope their unique good prolongation out-of life

Week-end, November ten. I occupied oftentimes regarding the forenoon, Older Jorgenson once more are my personal interpreter; about mid-day, Older Gardner talked to your earliest beliefs of gospel. The night time class is actually mainly centered on influence testimonies, I additionally being among the speakers. Higher level testimonies was basically borne, while the neighbors have been therefore anxious to speak you to two otherwise three both flower on the legs at exactly the same time for the true purpose of speaking. New meeting is a lengthy you to, once the nearly all who had been establish-both males and females-got something you should state. Among the speakers was in fact quite a number of smart and you can representative Maoris, in addition to certain nonmembers. The newest Holy Heart is put out over such as for instance an extent in all our conferences that individuals left individuals impact really and you may the latest Saints laden with devotion in order to replace its efforts within the offering the father faithfully and you will correct. Just like the evening appointment was at course, this new unwell woman to exactly who we’d administered a few times while in the our remain passed away.